Tessa Michaelides, founder of Power of Health, suffered from undiagnosable allergies and intolerances for over ten years. Creating tailored recipes from natural ingredients, to suit her lifestyle and needs, during this time gradually eased her into a state of well being and inspired her to create a home where everyone is able to eat. And Power of Health was born.

Power of Health (PH) has since been lucky enough to welcome Andria, a notable cake maker in London, who has joined forces with Tessa adding a whole range of healthy baked foods to the ever-growing menu at PH, primarily focusing on wholesale for occasions like birthdays, weddings etc.

PH caters to vegans, health-conscious individuals, fitness enthusiasts and most importantly those with intolerances, allergies and illnesses looking for food to apply to their everyday diet just as Tessa did.

In lieu of Tessa’s struggles with her diet and health, PH provides a friendly place for anyone to come and discuss their allergies, diet or general health.

P.s. No health-focused café with delicious cakes would be complete without incredible coffee. And that’s why PH is collaborating with, family owned roasters, Liberty Coffee; keeping PH customers fuelled with Organic Arabica coffee, from two origins, tailored pair with our foods.


Power of Health create exclusive and organic daily smoothies, smoothie bowls, superfood lattes, vegan pancakes, raw cakes. Of course, this is in addition to the wonderful and innovative recipes that Tessa, with the help of our experienced chef Matthew, is constantly working on. Look at our full menu to get an in-depth idea of what we’re cooking up at the moment.





At Power of Health, we are focused on unlocking the power of your health and more than anything we want you to be in the best possible health both physically and mentally. That’s why at PH we’ve put together a range of recipes that are perfect for regulating and maintaining good health and are more than happy to have a chat and share knowledge relating to your personal requirements.


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